What Crimes are Committed at Casinos in Corcoran, CA? Casino Marker Debt & More

While seeking a weekend getaway at a casino to enjoy a bit of gambling and the night life, you may be surprised to find yourself in jail. While spending time in a casino, you may make the wrong decision and find yourself breaking the law and being arrested. Some casino crimes may seem innocent enough and it may come as a surprise to find yourself arrested. Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share some of the most common casino crimes and when to seek a bail bond service.

Cheating Gaming Tables

One of the biggest crimes committed at a casino is cheating the gaming tables. Cheating the gaming tables is a crime and even a Class B felony. There are a number of different ways you can cheat at the gaming table such as counting cards or finding cards. Gaming tables are closely monitored and they will arrest anyone caught cheating. When in a casino beware of the consequences of cheating gaming tables. \

Use of a Cell Phone at Sportsbooks

Another offense that can result in an arrest is using cell phones at Sportsbook events. When betting on horse races or professional sports, there a number of rules that must be followed. Often rule is when betting at a sportsbook event you may want to attempt to gain an edge and use your cell phone. Often the first time you pull out a cell phone the security will request that you put away your cell phone. However, you will only get one warning. If you try to use your cell phone again, it can result in an arrest and you in jail.

Casino Marker Debt

Casino markers are used when a person wants to place a large dollar bet but does not have the cash on hand. A casino marker is like a loan, allowing a person to make the desired bet. However, a casino marker is a short-term line of credit that will need to be paid back. There is an application process before a player can be approved for a casino marker credit. If a person was approved where they win more money or lose, they must pay back the casino marker. Failing to do so will result in an arrest.

Drinking Underage

When visiting a casino, many youngsters may want to take advantage of the atmosphere and want to drink a bit of alcohol. For those who are underaged and drink in a casino, this is a crime and one you can be arrested for. For underage drinkers, fake Id’s or having another person buy you a drink is illegal. If you are caught with a fake ID you will find yourself arrested. If you got a person of age to get you an alcoholic beverage, you and your accomplice will also be arrested and charged.

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These are some of the common types of crimes committed at a casino. However, there are many casino crimes that will result in an arrest. If you have been arrested committing a casino crime, you will need to contact a bail bonds agency to help get you out of jail. For casino crimes and more, contact Ajua Bail Bonds for fast and quality services.

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