What Determines the Amount of Bail Set? What is the Difference to a Bond in Auberry, CA?

Ajua Bail Bonds would like to clarify the difference between a bail and a bond. There has been confusion over the two, and most people believe it is the same thing. In fact they have two different meanings in the court system and there has been some misunderstanding due to this confusion during a court hearing. So let’s set a few things straight and better help those who might be confused, understand the difference and how they apply to those who have been arrested.

How Does Bail Work?

In defense to those with confusion over the terms bail and bail bond, they are often misused and even in the court system they are sometimes used interchangeably with one another. Nonetheless, they are very different. A bail refers to the dollar amount set by the judge. This amount was then paid to the court for the release of the defendant from jail. If the defendant doesn’t appear on their court date, the money that has been posted now belongs to the court and is nonrefundable. However for those who show up on their scheduled court date, and face the music, they will get the entire posted bail amount refunded at the end of the criminal proceeding regardless of the charges set against the defendant.

Pros & Cons of Bonds

A bail bond is when the entire cost of the bail could not be paid and the defendant went to a bail bond agency and applied for a bail bond to help them pay for the bail. The bail bond agency works with the defendant or those paying on the defendant’s behalf to find a way to finance the bail amount. However even when the defendant appears on their court date, usually the bail bond agency keeps 10% of the bail price for their fee. If the defendant fails to appear for the court date, the agency still pays for the bail amount. However expect a bounty hunter sent by the agency to bring you in so they can get their money back. Keep in mind, usually a bail bond agency requires some collateral so they are not out the money put forth.

What Determines the Amount of Bail Set?

A bail amount can be anywhere from a few thousands to a million dollars depending on the crime committed. The defendant’s record is also a determining factor as to whether they are a high flight risk or even the number of offences they have on record. It is more common for bail bondsmen to act on behalf of a defendant. Very few people can pay the cost of the bail out of pocket themselves. For collateral, Bail bondsmen often accept vehicles, houses, stock or bonds, and of course, they release the collateral back once the defendant shows up for their scheduled court date, except their 10% fee obviously. Bail serves two important purposes for the judicial system. One, it helps avoid a needless incarceration of the arrested person. In turn, they can properly prepare a defense and it spares them the traumatic experience of jail time whether they are guilty or innocent. They can also schedule their work cycle around their court date and not have to miss work while they wait their court date. Bails and bail bonds also serve our justice system by upholding our constitution, which was set forth by the laws of personal rights. These must be upheld and respected regardless of the person’s alleged crime.

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Ajua Bail Bonds hopes that we were able to set the record straight and clarify the terms of posting bail and a bail bond. We help provide bail bonds to those who need the financial aid when getting their loved one out of jail or even themselves. Contact us if you need a little extra aid in getting out of jail.

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