What Factors are Used to Determine the Amount of Bail in Selma, CA? Nature of Crime & More

When you find yourself arrested for a crime, hopefully you will be granted bail and have the ability to go home while you await your trial. No two cases are going to have the same bail amount assessed to them. There are multiple factors that will come in the play when a judge determines what a bail amount is going to be. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about some of the different factors that will be taken into consideration when determining what your bail amount will be.

How a Judge Determines Someone’s Bail Amount

Here are some of the biggest things that will be considered when a judge is determining the bail amount for someone that has been arrested:
– Nature of the Crime: It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the nature of the crime that has been committed is going to be considered when bail is set. If someone commits a felony, they are going to pay much more to get out on bail than someone that has committed a misdemeanor. If the crime is serious enough, such as murder, the bail might be denied all together and that defendant will have to stay behind bars until the court date arrives.
– Record: Another thing that is considered is the defendant’s criminal record. If they have committed crimes in the past and are repeat offenders, the judge is less likely to go easy on them. Again, if someone is a repeat offender of serious crimes, it isn’t uncommon for bail to be denied.
– Employment: If the defendant is a contributing member of society and is employed, they are going to have a better chance of getting out on bail. When a defendant isn’t employed, they are considered more of a flight risk and the judge isn’t going to go easy on them when setting their bail amount.
– Flight Risk: A judge is going to consider whether or not the defendant is a flight risk as well. If the judge feels that they might skip town and attempt to get out of their court date, the bail amount might be set much higher than a person they are confident will attend their court date. If someone is a flight risk, the judge might deny bail all together.
– Danger to Community: Something that is strongly considered is whether or not the defendant is going to be a danger to the community. If they are accused of violent crimes or sexual crimes, they are going to have a higher bail amount set if any bail at all.

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