What Happens After an Arrest in Reedley, CA? Miranda Rights, Posting Bail & More

If you are a repeat offender and have been arrested more than one time, you probably know exactly what to expect from the process. However, for those that have never been arrested, you might not know what the process looks like. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about what exactly people can experience right after they have been arrested.

What Happens After an Arrest

After someone has been arrested, they can expect the following things to take place:
– Miranda Rights: Legally, police officers have to read you your Miranda rights before they can interrogate you. It is important that you understand that anything that you say can be used against you in a court of law in the future. If you ask to have an attorney present, law enforcement has to cease questioning and wait for the attorney to arrive. Any information you share with officers can be used in a court of law whether they have read you your Miranda rights or not.
– Initial Processing: Once you have arrived at the precinct where the arrest took place, the initial processing will be underway. They will gather information about you via your fingerprints, address, Social Security number, Birthdate, name, etc.
– Questioning: If you are willing to talk, more than likely officers will take you directly to a place for questioning. Again, it is always a good idea to wait until you have representation there before you answer any questions.
– Post Bail: Most people that are arrested are eligible to post bail. Those that are not are usually people who have committed serious crimes. This is either done with a bond or money to and sure you will show up at your trial.
– Initial Hearing: Within hours to a couple of days, an initial hearing should take place. This is when the charges against you will be stated as well as the penalties for those charges. You will have the opportunity to either plead guilty or not guilty at this point.
– Plea Bargaining: There are a great deal of criminal cases that are settled with a plea bargain outside of court. This means that both the defense and the prosecution have come to an agreement. It is important to understand that both sides have to agree before a plea bargain can take place. Plea bargains benefit both parties usually though.
– Trial: If a plea bargain is unable to be reached, it will end up going to trial. The prosecution will have to prove that you are guilty without a reasonable doubt, the defense will do everything in its power to prove you could not have committed the crime.

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