What Happens if You are Arrested Out of State in Mendota, CA? Can You Get Bail?

If you have a taken a trip out of state and ended up being arrested for a crime you probably have no idea where to even start. Maybe you went out for a night of fun and received a DUI or DWI and have been locked up. You don’t live in that particular city or state so it can be scary. You need to get in contact with someone that you know like a family member or friend. They can alert your loved ones that you have been arrested but there is not a lot they can do from another state. The rules and regulations differ from state to state and the issue is that the area you were arrested in is in charge of the case. Some people fear that they cannot get bailed out of they can’t hire a lawyer to help plead their case. There are some challenges when being arrested in a state you don’t reside in but it is manageable. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines what you need to know if you are arrested in a state other than the one you live in.

Can States Prosecute Crimes Committed in Other States?

If you live in one state but while you were visiting another state you were arrested you need to deal with the repercussions. The state that you were arrested in will be in charge of the arrest, hearings, court filings, bail and anything else that is needed in your case. The rules and regulations from one state to another can vary and you will need to know that particular states rules to ensure that you are following them. You will need to be at your court hearings and meetings with your attorney so some traveling will be necessary until the case has been settled fully.

Who Should Represent You when Arrested Out of State?

When you are dealing with an arrest whether it is for a misdemeanor or a felony you need to hire an attorney to file your case and to help plead your side to the court. You are going to want to find a local attorney in the state that you were arrested to represent you. There are some crimes such as many misdemeanors that your local council can appear on your behalf and save you some traveling.

Can You Bail Out if Arrested Out of State?

The biggest worry that many people have when they are arrested out of state is if they can get bailed out. There is an opportunity for you to still get bailed out of jail but it could hold more requirements. You first need to contact a local bail bond company to work on your case. The judge will not allow you to be released on your own recognizance because you are not tied to the area. You could travel home and try and forget about it. One way to help is to require an actual bail amount that will act as a reason to come back to handle your case. You need a local bail company to get you out as well as give you instructions on what the state will require of you.

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