What Happens if You Bail Someone Out of Jail in Visalia, CA & They Run? Consequences of Jumping a Bail Bond

Skipping bail is never a good idea; it puts you in more trouble with the courts which means a harsher punishment when caught. It also means a bounty hunter will be coming after you. Many people believe bounty hunters just make for an exciting reality show. Well in fact there are bounty hunters and yes they are sent by the bail agency to come pick you up. Why you wonder? It’s simple. The agent loses out on the money unless they bring you back for trial. Ajua Bail Bonds will explain the role of a bounty hunter and what you can expect from one if you, or a person you know, skips bail and doesn’t show up for their court date.

What’s the Job of a Bounty Hunter & Bail Enforcement Agent?

A bounty hunter is known in the state of California as a “Bail Fugitive Recovery Person.” Their job is to track down and bring back a person who jumped bail. They are hired by the bail bond agency, because police are too busy to go on hunt for one man or woman. Often there are too many people that skipped bail for police to go after as well. Not saying that if they run into you they won’t arrest you. On the other hand, the bounty hunter will receive all the information on the bail jumper and begin their search. For those who skip bail, the bail agency loses out on their money. When this happens, they are quick to send someone after those who jump. If they’re high risk they even assign a bounty hunter to keep close tabs on the high risk person who posted bail. Bounty hunters also get paid a percentage of the bail amount if a person skips bail, making them more determined.

Are Bounty Hunters Allowed to Carry Guns? What Power Does a Bounty Hunter Have?

Of course, bounty hunters have the authority to arrest a fugitive. Each state will vary on the conditions and the power a bounty hunter has. However California state law defines a bounty hunter or Bail Fugitive Recovery Person as a person who has written authorization by a bail agent, surety etc. and is contracted to investigate, locate, serve and arrest a bail fugitive. They are allowed to take you by physical force if a fugitive resists arrest. Bounty hunters in California can carry a firearm only if they acquire a concealed carry permit. They are allowed to use it if threatened.

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As you can see, bounty hunters as well as a bail bond agency has motivation to locate and find those who skipped bail. Skipping bail is a serious crime and is not taken lightly. If you are a victim of paying for someone’s bail and they skipped their court date, you will lose out on your money too. You can contact the bail agency to let us know that person skipped their court date. Ajua Bail Bonds want to help protect those who put forth their assets to help someone they know get out of jail.

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