What Happens if You Don’t Pay a Casino Marker & Get Arrested in Lemoore, CA?

There are many people that turn to casinos to provide them with a night out. It can be a place where many people let go of the stresses that they have in their lives and live in the moment. However, a fun night out to a casino can take a wrong turn in a hurry. This is partly due to the number of crimes that are often associated with casinos. If you have found yourself arrested at a casino, you want to make sure that you tread lightly. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about some of the crimes that are often committed in a casino and what to do if you are arrested.

Types of Crimes Found in Casinos

There is plenty of crime that takes place in casinos every day. Criminal activity can take many forms. Here are some of the most common types of crimes found in a casino environment:
– Casino Markers: Gambling is the biggest reason people go to a casino. If you are a reputable and trustworthy gambler, there are times when a casino will give you a betting credit or casino marker if they feel you can be trusted to pay it back. It is essentially an IOU. There will be specific requirements to pay these back. If they aren’t paid back under those parameters, it can be a felony.
– Disorderly Conduct: For many people, when they go to a casino they are also consuming. Anytime there is a large amount of alcohol involved in public, you are bound to have disorderly conduct take place. This is one of the top crimes we see in a casino setting.
– Fraud: There is plenty of cheating and fraud that takes place in the casino. Many people walk into a casino planning on cheating their way into some winnings. There are many forms of fraud that can take place in a casino, and all of them can wind up with you arrested.
– Prostitution: Sometimes, the casino is a place where people are confused about prostitution being illegal. While this isn’t the most prominent crime that takes place inside a casino, there are instances where officers are arresting people because they are engaging in prostitution or solicitation crimes.
– Drug Use: While alcohol might be OK if you are of a certain age, the use of illegal drugs is never going to be. Illegal drug use is often a large issue in a casino and grounds for arrest.

What to Do if You Find Yourself in Jail for a Casino Crime

If you have found yourself in jail because you have committed one of the crimes listed above, you’re going to want to contact Ajua Bail Bonds to help you get out.

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