What Information Do I Need To Give a Bail Bondsman to Post Bail in Fresno & the Central Valley of CA?

If you have been arrested the first thing that most people start to think about is who they can call to get bailed out. No one wants to be arrested and sent to jail so staring the process of getting bailed out is important. You want to know who you can call in your family or friends list and have a bail company that you know is reputable and standing by to help. If you know a bail bond company you can also get a call to them to see if you can bail out on your own or if you need someone to sign on your behalf. You will need to wait until you are fully booked into the jail and you have seen the judge. The judge will set the amount of the bail (if there is one) and that is when you can get the process under way. The worst part about being the one that is in jail you don’t have access to the documents that you are going to need. This is where you have to rely on your friends and family to help you out.

Ajua Bail Bonds lists what you will need to bail someone out of jail.

You Need The Information About the Arrested Individual: When you call into a bail bond company such as Ajua Bail Bonds you need to know the details about the person that was arrested. You will need to know their date of birth, full legal name and address that they are residing in. You also need to know about the arrest so that you can tell the bondsman what county or city the arrest was made in so that they can make contact with the jail. It is also helpful to the agent to know what the arrest was for and what happened during the arrest itself. The rest of the information they should be able to look up or get when they call the jail.
You Need The Information For The Person Who Is Signing The Bond: The person that is going to be responsible for the bond needs to have their information ready for the bondsman. You most likely will need to offer your full name, address and any other personal details that they need such as a contact number. You will be required to sign some documents but many times you can sign then through email or fax.

If you have a loved one that has been arrested and you need help through the bail process call Ajua Bail Bonds in Fresno, Atwater, Merced, Selma, Visalia, Hanford and Madera and the Central Valley of California today!

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