What is Meant By White Collar Crime in Dinuba, CA? Bail for Securities Fraud, Embezzlement & More

Have you been arrested for a white collar crime? A white collar crime describes a wide range of crimes, but typically these types of crimes are associated with financial gain. Some of the most common crimes committed under white collar crimes are fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and money laundering. Some of the lower offensives that also fall under white collar crimes include ponzi schemes and securities fraud such as insider trading. There are those who commit some of these crimes unknowingly and some intentionally. Regardless Ajua Bail Bonds will describe want it means to commit these and tell you that is it not unexpected to get arrested because of them.

Fraud & Securities Fraud

Many white collar crimes fall under fraud, which is a general type of crime. Fraud is where an individual deceives another person or business for monetary gain. One of the most common types of fraud is Securities Fraud. This is fraud found around trading of securities like stocks. Securities fraud also comes in many forms. One of the most common is something called Insider Trading. An example of Insider Trading is when someone has inside information about a company. Another example of Insider Trading is investment trades on the knowledge about the company’s information that violates their duty or obligation. Other common type of Securities Fraud happens when an individual will seek an investment in a company where this individual knowingly misstates the company’s prospects such as health or finances.


Embezzlement is inappropriately taking money from another individual to whom you owe some type of duty. A common example of Embezzlement is when a company’s employee embezzles money from their employer. In a case such as this, it is common for the employee to siphon money into a personal account. However embezzlement can take on many other forms as well. Embezzlement is listed under a White Collar Crime.

Tax Evasion

An all too familiar White Collar Crime is when an individual or perpetrator attempts to avoid paying taxes which they otherwise owe. This is what is known as Tax Evasion. Tax Evasion also has a wide range of crimes that can be from simply falsely filing tax forms, to illegally transferring property to avoid tax obligations. Tax Evasion is often committed by individuals as well as companies. However sometimes it can be an innocent mistake or it could have transpired during the filling out of tax forms.

Money Laundering

Money Laundering is a criminal act where an individual or individuals filter illegally obtained money or “Dirty Money” through series of transactions. In so doing, these transactions make the dirty money appear legitimate or “Clean.” Money Laundering consists of three steps. Step one the money is deposited into bank or brokerage. Step two is when the money is separated from its illegal origin through either the aid of a lawyer or complex transactions which makes the dirty money more difficult to trace. The last step is integration of the clean money which is now mixed with legally obtained money.

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For those who have committed a white collar crime, often the individual will be discovered and arrested. White collar crime, if proven guilty, can cause the perpetrator to spend years in prison. However, bail bonds do apply in the situation where the individual accused of committing the crime can spend more time with love ones and assist their lawyer in proving their innocence. Ajua Bail Bonds is committed in helping those arrested spend less time in jail and more time with their friends and families. If you or and loved one has been arrested for any reason, contact Ajua Bail Bonds today.

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