What is the Central Booking Process in Exeter, CA; What Happens During & Immediately After & More

While in police custody it is the right of those arrested to be provided with medical screening to make sure they have access to any medical treatment they may need. This is due to The Legal Aid Society’s Special Litigation Unit’s lawsuit.

What Happens During Central Booking

During your stay in Central Booking, you will see an EMS paramedic. You will be asked a series of routine questions regarding your general health, and all possible exposures to communicable diseases. This interview is kept confidential. This is done to protect anyone they may come into contact with you while waiting for arraignment. It is your responsibly to tell the EMS of any medications you take. The EMS will determine whether or not you need to be monitored during your stay. If you have something contagious you will most likely be placed in a separate area. After this portion is completed you will begin your lengthy wait for arraignment. Your case will be “docketed” for court after the paperwork required is completed and assembled. The average wait time can be anywhere from 8 to 12 hours before you are able to your lawyer followed by the judge. You may also be move several times while waiting for arraignment.

Central Booking Medication Issues

If you have a medical condition that you need medication for you will not be allowed to have it with you after you have been arrested. It is always a good idea to keep extra medication with you if you anticipate an arrest in your future. The officer that arrests you will need to fill a Medical Treatment of Prisoner form with all information from your prescription bottle. During your time in central booking this from will stay with you the entire time you are there along with any personal items taken when you were arrested.

Your Rights During Central Booking

After the Special Litigation Unit’s lawsuit was put into effect it was mandatory that those arrested will be offered food while waiting. Breakfast includes cereal and milk. Lunch and dinner consist of a sandwich and fruit punch. The sandwiches are processed cheese or Halal lunch meat. You have the right to soap, toilet paper and drinking water should these items not be available. Female prisoners will be provided with sanitary napkins if needed. The cells in central booking have pay telephones most of the time.

What The Criminal Justice Agency Does

The Criminal Justice Agency is an independent agency that examines the arrested person’s work history and family ties to advise the court as to whether the arrested person can be trusted to return to court on the provided day without bail or if bail is required. You will most likely have a meeting with someone from the Criminal Justice Agency. It is advisable that you’re open to this interview and provide the interviewer with all required information to increase your chance of being released. This information includes your current work information, where you reside and the phone number of someone that can verify the information you provide.

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People arrested must be arraigned within 24 hours unless police are able to give a reasonable explanation to detain you longer. Due to ongoing vigilance it is anticipated that you will be arraigned within 18 to 24 hours. All this was made possible by the successful litigation of The Legal Aid Society. Get your loved ones out as quickly as possible. Call Ajua Bail Bonds today.

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