What is the Most Common Theft Crime in Casinos in Corcoran, CA? Bail for Cheating & More

There is a reason why so many people think about crime when they think about a casino. For some reason, crime seems to ride on the back of casinos. It might have to do with the alcohol that is usually present, or other drugs that impair the decision making of those in attendance. There is also the fact that gambling is an addiction and might simply attract those that are more likely to commit a crime. Either way, the fact is that crime and casinos are often lumped together. One crime that is usually prevalent at any casino is theft. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about the different kinds of theft that often rear their ugly heads in a casino setting.

Writing a Bad Check

While many people think that writing a check is something that no one does anymore, think again. There are still plenty of checks that are being circulated out there. There are those that are writing checks that they know they don’t have the funds for though. This is a form of theft. Many people will write back checks to the casino in an attempt to use money they don’t have to win when gambling.

Stealing Tokens & Chips

The tokens and chips that are found in casinos are a form of cash. When someone takes tokens or chips that they didn’t win fair and square, it is stealing just as much as stealing merchandise from other stores. Some people might not see any problem with taking tokens from a casino that they didn’t rightfully win, but this is a form of stealing. If you are caught taking tokens and chips from a casino without winning them, you could find yourself caught up in a lot of legal trouble.


From a very young age, most people are taught that cheating is wrong. It might be cheating on a test in elementary school at first, but as you get older, the cheating only gets more serious. Cheating is serious crime in any casino. This isn’t something that any casinos take lightly. If you are caught cheating, you will more than likely find yourself being charged in a court of law. Some of the ways that people cheat in casinos include:
– Counting cards
– Using technology to cheat the slot machines
– Card switching
– Sneaking late chips into winning slots of the roulette wheel after the ball has landed
– & more

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