Why a Court May Revoke Bail in Fowler, CA & What Happens at a Bond Revocation Hearing

If you think that once you have gotten out of jail on bail that you are out of the woods as long as you show up for your court hearings, you are wrong. While it is absolutely necessary that you show up for your day in court, there are other reasons that you bail could be revoked. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about all the different scenarios that could land you back in jail without bond if you aren’t careful.

Don’t Become a Community Hazard when Out on Bail

If you have been released on bail, the best thing you can do is put your head down and follow the rules. When you start to cause problems in your community, the judge could see you as a hazard and put you right back in jail. This is usually what happens when the defendant commits another crime. You should always abide by the terms of your release to avoid this problem.

Lying & Misrepresentation Can Result in Revoked Bail

In all aspects of life, you are far better off telling the truth from the beginning. When you are arrested, this is no exception to this rule. If you are giving details of the crime, be honest from the beginning. When the judge is asking you how much your income is, be honest. Don’t lie in hopes that your bail amount is lower. As soon as the judge finds out you haven’t been completely honest about your situation, they can revoke bail. It will never be worth telling a little white lie, no matter how small.

Courtroom Troublemaker Can Lead to a Motion to Revoke a Bail Bond

Any time you are getting accused of a crime, it is a blow. Going through the process of getting your name cleared can be a long process. It is best if you just let it ride rather than getting too involved in the process though. If you are causing problems in court, your bail may be revoked and you may be sent back to jail to teach you a lesson. Some of these instances may include bribing jury members, witness tampering and other similar problems. Remember your ethics and consult with your attorney before doing anything rash to help out your case.

What Happens When a Bail Bond is Revoked?

If your bail is revoked, all is not always lost. The defendant does usually get the opportunity to explain themselves and why they have been acting like they have. This is your last ditch effort to redeem yourself. This will happen in a separate court hearing and you should consult with your attorney on what to do and say.

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