Why are Warrant Walkthroughs Important in Oakhurst, CA? Is it a Get Out of Jail Free Card?

The discovery of an active arrest warrant in your name can be a very scary and become an anxiety inducing experience. However, did you know there’s a less stressful alternative to being arrested in public or at home? It is called a warrant walk-through. Today, Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share the purpose of a warrant walk-through and why it is worth it for many individuals who have discovered they have a warrant out for their arrest.

What is a Warrant Walk-Through Bond?

A warrant walk-through is a procedure where an individual, often accompanied by a bail bondsman or attorney, voluntarily turns themselves in to law enforcement. This method allows individuals to address their arrest warrant in a controlled and typically faster manner than the traditional arrest process.

Why a Warrant Walk-Through is Worth It

1. Preservation of Dignity: No one likes the idea of being handcuffed and arrested in front of family, friends, or co-workers. A warrant walk-through is discreet, allowing you to maintain a level of dignity and control over the situation.
2. Expedited Processing: By voluntarily turning yourself in, the process is often more streamlined. You may spend less time at the booking facility compared to a traditional arrest scenario.
3. Potential for Immediate Bail: If you arrange the walk-through with a bail bondsman, there is a chance you can post bail immediately after being booked, minimizing or even eliminating your time in a holding cell.
4. Shows Responsibility: Voluntarily addressing an arrest warrant demonstrates to the court that you are taking the matter seriously and are not attempting to evade the law. This can be beneficial during later legal proceedings.
5. Reduced Stress: Knowing that you have an active arrest warrant can be a constant source of anxiety. The threat of a surprise arrest can loom over you at any time, impacting your mental well-being. Deciding to have a warrant walk-through reduces the stress of knowing you could be arrested at any given time.
6. Preparation Time: By planning your surrender, you have time to get your affairs in order, like notifying your employer about potential time off or arranging care for dependents such as children or an elderly family member.
7. Legal Consultation: Coordinating a walk-through provides an opportunity to consult with an attorney before you turn yourself in. This can offer insight into what to expect and how best to handle the situation.

Is a Warrant Walk-Through a Get Out of Jail Free Card?

While a warrant walk-through offers a number of advantages, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t face jail time, especially if the charges are severe. If you are considering a warrant walk-through, it is wise to engage the services of a reputable bail bondsman or attorney. They can guide you through the process and help ensure everything goes smoothly.

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While facing an arrest warrant is never a pleasant situation, there are ways to address it proactively and with minimal disruption to your life. A warrant walk-through is an excellent option that offers more control, discretion, and more efficiency than traditional arrest procedures. If you find yourself with a warrant out for your arrest and want to commit to a warrant walk-through, contact Ajua Bail Bonds today.

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