Bail Bond Mistakes in Lindsay, CA; Bondsman Given Wrong Details, Arrested Again & More

Many have made regrettable mistakes in their lives, as no one is perfect. Whether they are guilty of the crime or not some have found themselves in trouble with the law and been arrested. With the purpose to get you or a loved one free from jail to await and prepare for trial, when they have been put in jail, the bail bond services are there. There are some that are able to make the process problematic though Ajua Bail Bonds does everything in our power to make the bail bonding process as simple as possible. Bearing this in mind, we would like to help you avoid making these mistakes by taking the opportunity to share some of them during the bail bond practice.

Hiring a Non-Reputable Bail Bond Company is a Mistake

A positive reputation is not attached to every bail bond company. To ensure you are working with a legitimate bondsman company, they should be licensed, insured and carry the experience like Ajua Bail Bonds. With a dependable bail bond company that can get you or a loved one quickly, discreetly, and efficiently ask for the bondsman’s license number and make sure you are working.

The Bail Bondsman is Given the Wrong Details

It is vital you have all the correct and pertinent information gathered and ready to pass along before contacting the bail bond company. Their date of birth, the county of the arrest, booking number, and the jail they are being held in addition to the full name of the person. Vital for a speedy release you need to ensure all the information given to the bail bondsman is correct.

Not Arranging for Bail Immediately

Most bail bonds are open 24/7, much like Ajua Bail Bonds. You know to get the process started as quickly as possible to get someone quickly released from jail. The more time it will take the longer you wait. To process it as well as the release, there is paperwork that takes time for every jail.

Individual Gets Arrested Again After Posting Bail

Happening commonly, getting into more trouble with the law is a major mistake. It is under the assumption you intend to behave after you post bail. It is in your better interest to follow the directions of the court, keep a low profile, get your personal life in order, and most importantly, prepare for your trial and be there. You will likely get denied for bail the 2nd time if you in more trouble with the law.

Appointed Court dates are Missed

Failing to appear in court on your scheduled time, the worst mistake anyone can do after getting bailed out of jail. Forfeiting your bail bond money, losing any favor with the judge, and other hosts of new legal problems. It is your responsibility to ensure they appear to court if you pay for the loved to get out of jail.

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Call Ajua Bail Bonds promptly to get out quickly when you or a loved one needs to be released from jail and all of these mistakes are avoidable.

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