What Information Does a Bail Bondsman Need in Orosi, CA; Location, Identification & More

When you or a loved one has been arrested and need a bail bond, you may wonder what information you will need to provide the bondsman. To make the bond process go faster and far smoother, the bail bondsman will require certain information. Ajua Bail Bonds will share what information you should have ready when seeking a bail bond for yourself or for another.

Location of the Jail Inmate or Person in Custody

During the bail bond process, it is essential for the bondsman to know where the person in custody is being held. To help make the process go faster, have the name or county of the jail, it’s address, including zip code, city and state. Knowing the exact location as to which jail the person is in custody at can greatly expedite the bail bond and get the person in custody out of jail. To help locate or determine where a person is being held, you can do an inmate search within the state in which the person has been arrested.

Full Identification of Person Being Booked

When a person is being booked, their name is imputed into the system and they are assigned a booking number. During the bail bond process one of the essential pieces of information needed will be the person in custody’s full name and booking number. Additionally, their booking number help keep track of their cases for both the courts and the bail bondsman. As it is possible for more than one person to share the same first and last name, the booking number helps prevent mix-up during the bail process and ensures the right person gets posted his or her bail.

Bail Bond Amount

When looking to post bail the charge(s) often will set the bail bond amount. If you or a loved one is paying for the bail, the bail bondsman will require bail post amount. When going through a bail bond the person, only has to pay 10% of the bail bond amount and the bail bond pays for the rest. If the person appears in court on their court date, the money for the bail is returned. If they choose to run, the bail cost must be paid in full to the bail bond agency. However, that doesn’t cover the bail bond fees which is the 10% of the overall bail bond amount. Often there is additional collateral required during the time of bail which can be almost anything of the total bail value. Collateral information and documentation should also be presented during the bail bond process, which will help get the bail bond faster.

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If you are in jail or have a loved one in jail, you can always contact a bail bond agency before you go down to their office and ask what other information and steps are needed to get a bail bond. By being fully prepared, you can greatly assist in the bail bond process and get your loved one or yourself out of jail faster. When seeking a professional and quality bail bond service, contact Ajua Bail Bonds. We can help get you or your loved one out of jail today.

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