Bail Conditions in Parlier, CA; Can You Leave the State of California While Out on Bond?

If you’re out of jail and on bond-what happens next? Are you planning a move or do you need to leave the state for some other reason? Are you allowed to leave the state? You can find yourself in hot water if you cross state lines before your trial date. In California, the answer is generally yes but it will all depend on the bail bond agreement. The court can put restrictions in place that the defendant needs to abide by. Most of the time, bail bond companies require you stay in the state while you’re out in bond. If you aren’t sure, you have to ask to avoid any problems.

Bail Bond Conditions

When you get charged with an offense, you can be released by the court on your own recognizance or in exchange for paying a bond. There are conditions regardless of how you’re were released.
1. You need to show up at all your court dates
2. You can’t commit any other crimes
3. You can’t leave the state without permission
4. You may need to turn in all your firearms and undergo a psychological evaluation or get treatment
5. You may also need to abstain from drinking or taking drugs

Get Permission to Leave the State While on Bond

Terms and conditions established by the court are set in place and odds are that the court that granted you release, requires that you stay in the state while your case is pending. However, you can ask for permission to leave the state. You must have the court’s express permission for it to be done lawfully. Having permission from the court to leave the state needs to be followed up with permission from your bail bond professional. Almost always your bail bond will require you to remain in the state, unless you get approval of the court and the bail bond professional. If you decide to leave the state on bond and don’t have permission, you will be violating the conditions of you bail. Breaking any of these conditions may have you put back in jail until your case is over. Even if you’re allowed to travel, you need to remember that to show up for all your court dates. Talk with a professional bail bondsman to get a better understanding of the terms of your release. Missing a court date can lead to a warrant or bond forfeiture being issued. This means that the money paid for your bond will be forfeited to the court and if you get picked up you can be put in jail. If you need to leave the state you can get help from an experienced criminal law attorney. They can petition the court in to get permission so you can leave the state in the right way. So, if you happen to miss a court date while you were out of town, the attorney can petition the court to vacate the warrant against you so you can remain free while your case is pending.

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