Bail Transfer; What Does it Mean when a Bond is Transferred in Orange Cove, CA?

Getting the call to let you know someone you love is in jail, can be a heartbreaking moment. What can make it worse? That loved one getting arrested in a different state and feeling like you don’t have any way to help them out. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to discuss a transfer bail bond and how it may help you get the person you love out of jail when they are arrested out of state.

What is a Transfer Bail Bond?

Say you have left for vacation, while you were gone, you go into some trouble. You have now been arrested. It can be a frightening thing to get arrested when you are so far from home. Now what? Well, this is where a transfer bond might help you out. A transfer bond happens when bail is posted for you from a bail bond agency in your home state. When you are far from home, chances are, you don’t know anybody that will have your back. A transfer bond allows friends or family to go to your local bail bond company and get the ball rolling for you by filling out the necessary paperwork. This should ease your mind a little bit.

Extra Fee for Transfer Bail Bonds

When dealing with a transfer bond, you will end up paying extra fees and here’s why. You need to understand that you will now have two bail bond companies working on your behalf. Everything will be more complicated. Two companies will be filling out paperwork. They will both be making phone calls to get this done and processed for you. The fees will vary by state, but you can count on there being extra fees associated with a transfer bail bond since double the amount of people will be working for you.

Who is Financially Liable for a Transfer Bail Bond?

You may be wondering at this point, who is going to be financially liable for this bond? The bond agency that makes the request for the bond to be written will be the one liable. There is always the risk that the defendant doesn’t pay, and in this case, the company that the bond is transferred to is the responsible party. The defendant needs to make all of their court appearances otherwise, it will be costly for the cosigner.

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If you have found yourself in a situation where you are being held out of state, don’t panic yet. You may be able to work out a transfer bond and still get out of jail. No one wants to feel like they are left high and dry when they get arrested and are far away from home. Ajua Bail Bonds offers transfer bonds within our network of bail bond companies and would love to work on getting you or someone you love home quickly. Call us for more information on transfer bonds today!

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