Bail for Burglary, Extortion, Theft, Arson, Vandalism & Other Types of Property Crimes in Mendota, CA

When it comes to someone’s property, there are several crimes that can result in damage or theft. Each of these crimes come with their own set of consequences as well. If you don’t know much about property crimes, hang around and we will be describing them a little more in depth. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about some of the different property crimes out there and what you can expect your consequences to be when you commit them.


If you break into someone’s house with the intent to commit a crime, you are looking at a burglary charge. This doesn’t just mean a residential home either. If you are breaking into a business, car or truck as well as a home, you will be facing this charge. While this term is usually used to describe someone stealing something, it can also mean sexual assault or kidnapping as well. You are looking at a class 3 felony that could result in a hefty fine and up to 20 years in jail as a consequence.


When someone is using threats to get you to give up something that belongs to you, it is extortion. Burglary happens without the homeowner being aware of it; while extortion involves the person getting threatened into handing over their capital. Some examples or extortion include physical harm, exposure of private information, and slander. You can expect to get up to 15 years in jail as well as a fine when you commit this crime.


The term theft is used when someone takes something from you that can be categorized as burglary or extortion. Robbery, embezzlement, larceny and motor vehicle theft can all be examples of this crime. While the fines and the jail time may not be as hefty as the other crimes listed above, if you use a firearm for armed robbery, you are going to see bigger consequences.


If you use fire to destroy a property or anything on someone else’s property, it is known as arson. Sometimes, arson isn’t done intentionally but happens due to recklessness. Usually when you are dealing with arson, the punishments are going to be severe in nature. Restitution can be difficult and there are usually hefty fines because of the need to call out the fire department and other aspects of the crime.


When you intentionally damage someone else’s property, it is known as vandalism. This can come in forms of graffiti, breaking windows, smashing mailboxes and more. It is often something that is done to get back at someone for something they have done to wrong you. Some youth fall into this crime out of boredom as well.

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