Risk of Staying in Jail Awaiting Trial VS Being Out on Bail in Orange Cove, CA; Defense, Employment & More

If you find yourself arrested for some reason, there is a chance that the judge is going to allow you to leave on bail. This allows you to spend time at home and continuing to live your life while you wait for your court hearing. While you do have to pay to get out of jail, there are some serious benefits to waiting out your time at home rather than in jail. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about some of the risks you run when you decide to pass on bail and wait for your court hearing in jail.

What are Some Consequences of Awaiting Trial Hearing in Jail Versus Being Out on Bail?

There are far too many risks that come from choosing to wait for your hearing in jail rather than at home. Here are some of the big ones that you wouldn’t want to deal with.
– Less Effective Defense: You will have the help of a defense attorney that helps to make your case as strong as possible. This is done with witness interviews, gathering evidence, consulting with specialists and consulting with you when needed. Your attorney may need to speak with you on a regular basis as they help to solidify your case. If you are in jail, this is much more difficult. The visiting hours aren’t always ideal, and the attorney won’t have access to you whenever they need it.
– Lose Employment: When you are arrested and your boss finds out about it, there is always a risk that you will lose your job. If you stay in jail, there is a far greater risk of losing your job because you will more than likely miss work for weeks or months while you wait for your court hearing. By getting out on bail, you have the best chance at keeping your employment.
– Accidentally Incriminate Yourself: It isn’t uncommon for someone to incriminate themselves while they are in jail. When you have conversations with other people while in jail, it is important that you don’t say anything that could make your case weaker. This is a common problem and a risk you run when you stay in there. If you make one wrong comment that could weaken your case, it could fold like a deck of cards.
– Sickness: With the pandemic that we are experiencing right now, there is always a higher risk of exposure in a place like jail than there would be at your own home. You run the risk of getting sick of several different diseases when you spend your time in jail rather than getting out on bail.

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