Bench Warrant Issued for Failure to Appear in Court When Out on Bail in Central Valley, CA

It is extremely prudent that you appear before the judge, in court, at your designated, court appointed time and date as a criminal defendant that has posted bail with the professionals of Ajua Bail Bonds. This appointment is mandatory and it is nothing like blowing off the dentist appointment. If you miss this crucial court day, whether you have a temporary lapse in judgment, or you feel making a wedding or a funeral is more important, there are serious consequences you will face and the first is that the judge will issue a warrant for your immediate arrest. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to discuss the potential consequences for not appearing in court on your assigned date and time.

Issue of the Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear in Court

The likelihood of being arrested is high for misdemeanor offenses, but thankfully, you won’t have to worry about a SWAT team knocking down your door and dragging you back to jail kicking and screaming. Most the time, driving down the street or committing any driving infractions where a police officer scans your license plate can be enough. It doesn’t matter the specifics, what matters is that your name is on the hot sheets and the justice system is more difficult to those who are dragged in for being arrested for a warrant.

Lawyer for Failure to Appear in Court

Hiring an attorney for this serious mistake could pay off in most instances. Do not panic and choose a life on the run if in the even attending Grandpa’s funeral or your sister’s wedding made you forget about your mandatory appearance. The warrant can be potentially lifted and a new court date given with an experienced attorney addressing the judge on your behalf. However, judges typically do not offer more than a second chance so it is imperative you make this court your top priority.

Do Warrants Expire?

Decade old warrants are still in effect and just because you forgot them don’t mean the courts have not and left unresolved means eventual trouble. Evading these old warrants will bring serious legal repercussions with them. Even if the offense is minor, the best thing to do is to turn yourself in. You can get them dismissed or get the best resolution in your favor by turning yourself in with an experienced attorney representing you in court. Getting arrested for a warrant will likely deny you bail and the courts will be harsher.

Penalties for Failure to Appear in Court

Failure to appear in court can have various penalties, depending on your alleged crime and your background. Below you will find the general penalties of failing to appear in court.
Misdemeanor penalties: In addition to charges filed against you will also be charged with a failure to appear in court. There are generally attached fines and the possibility of up to a year in prison and a license suspension. These penalties are in addition to the sentences of the initial crime if found guilty.
Felony penalties: Another felony charge is added to your existing felony charges when you fail to appear in court. Expensive fines, added prison time are assessed after the outcome of your original charges has been in court.

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You will have the opportunity to post bail, following being arrested and going through the booking process. Once you have posted your bail with Ajua Bail Bonds and you have been released, you have the time to get your personal life in order and most importantly hire a defense lawyer. To avoid further penalties, be sure to come to your appointed court date the first time. Call Ajua Bail Bonds for all your bail needs.

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