3 Main Types Of Bail Bond Options to Get Out of Jail in Fresno, CA; Cash, Property & Surety Bonds

When it comes to the legal system there are some aspects that are hard to understand. You never think you will end up in trouble but there are times that this will occur. You might leave a party intoxicated and get arrested for a DUI. You could even get into an altercation which could end up sending you into the local jail. Even though it can be a scary situation you need to know about bail services available. This is something that will come in handy while you address all the other aspects of the legal system. You need to meet with a lawyer, attend court hearing and potentially have to go through a trial. This is always better and easier to handle when you are out of the jail and able to attend these meetings yourself. The way you do that is to get a hold of a bail bond company and get your bond set up for your release. There are several types of bonds that you can use to get out of jail but that determination is usually set by the judge.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines Common Bail Bond Options to Get Released From Jail

Cash Bonds: After you have been arrested you need to go through the booking process at the jail in your area. Then you wait to see the judge who will make a determination. The judge will look at the case that has been presented as well as your arrest history and severity of the crime. They will set an amount that will be required if you want to be released from the jail. One type of bond that you can be given is a cash bond. This is exactly what it sounds like and is cash paid to the jail clerk. The amount is paid in full and the person that has paid it wil have the opportunity to get the bond money back. The court will deduct the fees that are needed to run the administration office but the rest will go back after the case has been settled. If your arrestee fails to appear to any mandated court dates and other assignments you lose all the money and they are arrested again.
Property Bond: This is an option that the court may allow if you have property but not the amount of cash that is needed. You can use your home, car and other property to use as collateral for the monies that is owed if you fail to show up. This can be drawn up by a bail company and used to get you out of jail. The property can be seized if the person that you are bailing out fails to appear for the court dates they were given.
Surety Bond: This is the most likely option and is used more commonly than other options. Most people do not have the cash laying around to make a cash bond payment or equity in their home to get released. This is when you call a bail bond company who will work on your behalf to get the person released. All they will require is a percentage of the total and out you go. You are then backed by the bondsman and they will be on the hook if you no show as well as the person that signed for the bond.

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