Can Two People Post Bail for One Defendant in Raymond, CA to Get Them Out of Jail Fast?

Bail is not always promised when someone gets arrested, and the cost reflects the crime and surrounding circumstances. But in order to get released from jail while awaiting the court procedures, a defendant will need to post bail. Because of the cost, most cannot afford it and seek to make bail through a bail bondman. The bail bondsman, generally charging 10%, will help you get you or your loved one released ask quickly as possible. However, as unorthodox as you may think, two different individuals working with separate bail bond companies may post the same bail for the one person who was arrested is actually more common than you may think. When this does happen, many are uncertain of what to do next.

Who Should Post Bail

For example, a man who has been arrested may call their spouse about their predicament, the spouse than gets to work with a bail bond company to get their husband bailed out. However, word traveled to the man’s parents, where they begin to take the steps, working with another bail bond company, to bail their son out of jail unknowing the spouse is already on top of it. Seeing the scenario, it is understandable that miscommunication lead to the two different parties posting bail for one individual as they attempt to secure their loved one’s freedom but did not happen to contact each other with the stress and immediate action.

Bail Bond Process

From there, many questions are asked when two different parties both begin the process of working with a bail bonding company. For starters, will the jail process two bail bonds for the same defendant? What happens with money if so? Many similar questions and concerns are addressed below as we at Ajua Bail Bonds share the general process when two bails are posted for one defendant. In the above-mentioned scenario, the answer is simple, the person who arrived with the bail first completes the process and the second party is turned away at the jail when they attempt to post the bond. For one individual, only one bail can be posted. The second party is not out any fees or the bail cost if someone has already completed the process of posting bail. Once the person discovers bail has been paid, the money is refunded because the bail bonding company’s fee is not earned until the bail bond is posted.

What Information Do I Need to Post Bail?

When it comes to posting bail, knowing the jail the defendant is being kept, their full name, and the charges can expedite the process with the bail bond company. Remember they are happy to help and answer your questions and address your concerns. They will get the bail paid as quickly as possible once bail has ben set for the defendant.

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