Can You Be Arrested But Not Charged With A Crime in Fresno, CA & When Do You Need Bail?

When you are arrested most people assume they are being charged with a particular crime. They also assume that they cannot be arrested unless they are charged with a crime first. The interesting thing is that an arrest and charges are each their own thing and are dealt with differently. Being arrested and booked into a jail is not a fun experience and you really need some education on what happens. This is the best way to ensure that you are prepared and ready to deal with a potential case. The arrest can come before or after charges depending on the case. No matter what kind of case you are dealing with bail is most likely a part of the solution. Having the opportunity to bail out of jail is essential when you are trying to prepare a defense. The defendant that is stuck in the jail is not able to work on the case and it is a bigger battle ahead. Now that you know bail is essential you need to know what the difference between an arrest and charges really are and how they work.

Ajua Bail Bonds Explains The Difference Between An Arrest & Charges

What is an Arrest?: An arrest is a particular action that is taken against a person. The arrest will come from a law enforcement officer that has the right to detain a person. They can’t just come out and arrest someone without any cause. The cause can be many different things that a police officer sees or knows about that is illegal. The arrest happens when the officer handcuffs the perpetrator and takes them down to the jail. They will read you your rights and take you in to be booked. That will include mugshots, fingerprints and an appointment set up to see a judge. Once you are arrested the case is taken to the district attorney’s office in your area that will review it. They can say that the evidence is sufficient to bring charges or the person should be released. An arrest does not always mean that you will have charges to answer to.
Charged with a Crime Definition: The interesting thing is that you can have charges brought against you after an arrest but they can also be brought before you are arrested too. The charges can be brought and a warrant issued for your arrest. This means that an officer will be on the hunt and will pick you up if they come across you. If you are arrested and the attorney thinks there is enough to bring charges then that can also occur. The charges are what will make up the case and what a judge and potential jury will hear about. You will need to see a judge and answer for the charges and hope that the judge will offer you bail. If they do then you will need to prepare a case with whatever legal team you choose.

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