What Happens During & After Your Appearance at a Bail Bond Hearing in Fresno, CA

When you are arrested for a crime the normal booking process will occur. The officer that has arrested you will take you to the local county or city jail where the booking will take place. There are several steps that are taken while you are there such as fingerprinting and mug shots. The process can take some time if it is a busy time of the day or night. After the booking has been done you may find yourself ready to see a judge. The judge is responsible for setting the amount of bail that you are going to need to pay to be released from jail.

Ajua Bail Bones Explains What Happens When You Attend Your Bail Hearing With the Judge

What Is a Bail Bond Hearing Appearance For?: When you are arrested you are going to have to see a judge to determine what options you have to bail out of jail. There are some instances that don’t offer bail while others have a set fee that is required. The judge at your bail hearing is the one that will make the determination for your particular case. You will be scheduled to see a judge usually fairly quickly but it can take several days before there is an opening.
Who Goes To The Bail Hearing: When you are present at your hearing you are obviously going to need to be there. The jail will make arrangements so that you can attend your hearing. A judge has to be there and whatever clerical employees are needed. There is some type of bailiff or security to keep the peace and also to escort the inmate to and from the hearing. There is often times an attorney present if the person that was arrested requests one as well as any other general public that is in the court at that time.
Make Your Case For Bail: The bail in many cases is a set amount that is used by the court for particular crimes. The amount is not based solely on the chart that is used but the judge can also look at the specific inmate as well. They may look at your personal character as well as your history with the police. They may consider other arrests that you have had and the nature of those crimes. They also will look at your history and your standing in the community to determine what if any elements exist to lessen the bail amount. Your attorney will have the opportunity to ask for a lower bail and give particular reasons why. This is the chance that you will have to get an amount that is easier to pay and to set with a bail bond company.
What Happens After a Bail Bond Hearing?: After you have had your hearing you are sent back to the jail where you will wait to be bailed out. The best way to do that is to hire a bail bonds company that will work with you, the jail and your loved ones to get you out so you can prepare for your case.

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