Co-Signing a Bail Bond in Kingsburg, CA; What Happens to the Cosigner if Someone Jumps Bail?

Once you have scrambled hard to get your loved one’s bail posted and they have been released from jail, your first concern is often to get an attorney to represent you or your loved one in court. But there are other responsibilities you are obligated to do once you sign the bail bond contract and we Ajua Bail Bonds would like share those obligations.

Who is the Indemnitor?

The “indemnitor” is the person who arranges for bail and signs the bail bond contract. These situations are typically unexpected and you or your loved one needs to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Many things get thrown on your plate and you may not be able to process exactly what comes with signing the bail bond contract. It is important to know what you are signing beforehand and know what you are bound to on behalf of the loved on you are bailing out.

Obligations of Bail Bond Cosigner

A bit like insurance, bail bonds is a promise to the magistrate that the person who was arrested, that once bailed out of jail; the individual will appear for their court date. The following are your obligations once you have signed the bail bond contract:
1) In the event defendant misses any court dates, you pay additional fees.
You as the indemnitor are responsible for paying any additional fees, if for any reason the defendant does miss their court date(s). Additional funds for a recovery agent that the bail bonds company will hire to get the defendant back can also be included.
2) If the defendant disappears, the entirety of the bailed is paid.
You as the indemnitor will be responsible for paying the whole amount of bail that was originally set by the court in the event the defendant misses court dates and cannot be found. Collateral; whether it’s real estate, pink slips to a vehicle, and so on, will be used and not returned if cash wasn’t used, but collateral.
3) Ensure defendant attends every court date.
Your loved one is expected to return to each court date that’s required of them when they are bailed out of jail. They are expected to return to each court date that’s required of them and as the indemnitor; the one who signed the bail bond contract needs to make certain they are there.
4) The indemnitor is responsibility for the defendant in every way.
You are expected to adhere to the bail contract you signed. You are not in a position to recount your responsibilities if your arrested loved one skips their court date.

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Rushing to try to get your friend or family member out of jail it is easy to quickly sign something in the heat of panic. But understanding these responsibilities are very important. You may find yourself needing a bail bondsman to help you get someone you care about out of jail when the unfortunate situations do happen. When you do need a bail bond, call in the experts of Ajua Bail Bonds and let our experienced crew get you taken care of.

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