Drive High, Get a DUI in California; Bail to Get Out of Jail for Marijuana DUI in Kettleman City, CA

Though legalized marijuana has its advantages, there are some legal obligations the people of California have to abide by. The most common is Marijuana DUIs, and they are just as serious as Alcohol DUIs, which lands people in jail. You have the opportunity to bail out of jail following the arrest and processing, and with the help of Ajua Bail Bonds specialists, we can do it discreetly and quickly. For everyone who uses marijuana, it is important however, to understand the basics of marijuana DUI along with consequences that follow.

Drive High, Get a DUI in California!

As most are well aware of, when people drive under the influence of alcohol, their infractions are well publicized in addition to the frequently tragic consequences and harsh legal penalties. Driving under the influence of marijuana, or a combination of alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs for that matter, is illegal in not only California, but in all 50 states. However, the laws defining what it means to be “under the influence” of marijuana and the punishments do vary from state to state.

Legal Limit for Driving High

In some states, any amount of marijuana in the driver’s system will inevitably establish that the driver was under the influence. If the driver has the above concentration levels of a specific blood or urine concentration level, other states will consider under the influence. The prosecutor must prove that the amount of marijuana was in the driver’s system for the driver to be prosecuted under the influence, in a few states, as it is a requirement. In the majority of states, to be “under the influence”, it indicates that the driver is incapable of driving safely due to the effects of marijuana. The punishments, much like the specifics to what constitutes a marijuana DUI, varies from the different states. The consequences are similar to alcohol DUI, and they are as follows if convicted:
– House Arrest
– Victim Impact Program Participation
– License Suspension
– Ignition interlock Device Installation
– Drug/Alcohol Abuse Programs
– Vehicle Impoundment or Forfeiture
– Fines
– Jail or Prison Sentence
– Community Service
– Probation

Aggravating Factors of Driving While High

Depending on the individual’s case and the various circumstances, most applicable penalties severity will differ. For example, the first-time offence and aggravating factors can easily influence increased penalties; aggravating factors include the following:
1) Subsequent and second offenses.
2) At the time of the DUI, there was child endangerment (when a minor is in the vehicle).
3) Defendant is a minor.
4) During the Marijuana DUI, defendant had a suspended license.
5) Driving a school bus while under the influence.
6) From driving under the influence of marijuana, an accident that inflicts property damage, bodily injury, or death.
7) Having elevated marijuana content levels and/or with alcohol or other drug content levels while driving.

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