How to Speed Up Bail Bond Process in Corcoran, CA; Get Inmate Information, Call Bondsman & More

There are times that you may get a call saying that someone that you love has been arrested. There are times that person has made a mistake or they have been caught up in something that has gotten them in trouble. This can be a scary time for any family that has to deal with it. The crime that someone has been arrested of does not mean that they are guilty. It simply means that they have been accused and charged and they get an opportunity to plead their case. This can be hard to do if the person who has been arrested is still sitting in jail. The process that occurs when you are arrested is the same for just about everyone with a few exceptions. If there is injury during the arrest or illness from addiction you may have your process lengthened. If you are in the majority of people that are arrested you want to make sure that your loved ones know what they can do to speed up the bail process. Ajua Bail Bond offers helpful tips below.

Get Inmate Information

If you have a loved one that has been arrested and they choose to call you make sure that you use your time wisely. They are in jail and will not have unlimited access to talking with you. A mistake that people make is that when they get the call they let emotions take over. They want to know what happened, how it happened and when. These are all details that you want to hear about that will not actually help you get that person out of jail. The details of the arrest are not as important as the details that you need to get them bailed out of jail. You want to make sure that you ask about what jail they are being kept at and what date the arrest occurred. You also want to get their date of birth and some personal details that the bail bond company might need. Be sure that you check on their well-being and save the details of the arrest for when they are out.

Don’t Wait to Call a Bail Bondsman

Your loved one may be thinking that until you are able to see a judge they can’t do anything. This is not true and the faster you move the more sped up the process will be. The best thing you can do is to call and find a bail bond service as soon as you are off the phone with your loved one. The bail bond company will be able to start giving you information on what you will need to start doing and getting together. This means you have a jump start on paperwork and even money that you may need.

Get Bail Bond Payment Secured

Once your loved one has seen the judge they will be given an amount for their bail. Most arrests are in a position that they will be given bail and that has to be paid so they can be released. This is almost always going to require some money so it is a good idea to know where you are getting the money from. You may need to start asking friends and family to get the funds together and doing this in advance will help to speed up the process.

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