Drunk Driving will Put you Behind Bars in Reedley, CA; Be Responsible when Drinking Alcohol to Avoid Needing Bail!

As a bail bonds company, Ajua Bail Bonds knows that one of the most common crimes that puts people behind bars is drunk driving. Drunk driving kills about 32 people every day in America, every year an astounding 10,000 plus people die from the result of drunk driving. Drunk driving takes lives almost effortlessly and it is a sad fact that could easily be changed if we all took the proper steps to avoid becoming the cause of a fatality caused by drunk driving. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and about a quarter of those crashes involves an underage drinking driver.

Be Responsible When Drinking Alcohol

Going out to eat, attending a party or a celebration are all great ways to spend time with family and friends. Alcohol normally plays a role in the night’s festivities, and if you are not careful you will put yourself in a situation that may land you standing behind a set of bars at the local police station. If you are going out for the night to have a good time, be responsible and have a designated driver. Decide who is going to do the driving before you leave for the night. Make sure the designated person does not drink any alcoholic beverage that night. This will ensure a safe and legal ride back home.

How Do You Keep Alcohol Drinkers Safe at a Party?

Unfortunately not all of us take the time to assign a designated driver for the night. Sometime even the designated driver slips and ends up drinking more than the rest of the party. If no one in your party is sober, take the time to call a taxi or other alternative transportation options. Anything is better than getting into a car with a driver who is not completely sober. Do not be afraid to take someone’s keys either, if the person gets angry, it’s just proof that you are taking the right step. They will end up thanking you later for doing so.

Throw a Responsible Party that will Not Result in Drunk Driving

IF you are throwing a party at your place, take the proper steps to ensure that everyone can have a good time, but stay safe as well. Offer non-alcoholic beverages, so those that are a designated driver can still have a good time at the party without drinking anything that would impair their driving abilities. Never pressure your guests to drink alcohol if they decline. Make sure that you serve plenty of food at your party. A full stomach will slow down the effects of alcohol absorption.

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