How to Pay Someone’s Bail Bond in Piedra, CA; Contact a Local Bail Bondsman to Get Them Out of Jail Fast!

When your friend or family member is in a bind with the law, it can be an overwhelming experience. Being arrested definitely can get them in hot water, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to squat there until your appointment with a judge comes about. Posting bail can release them until the designated time, which is beneficial for preparing for their case and make personal arrangements. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share some tips regarding when you need to post bail for a family member or friend.

How to Post Bail for Someone

– Keep in mind that it is the 8th amendment to post bail or not to post bail. Meaning, you do not have to put up the cash to post bail. If the defendant desires, they can wait out their court appearance before the judge in the jail.
– The point of bail is an assurance that the defendant will appear for the judge at the designated time and place. If the bail was that was paid by you or the defendant and they do not show for the court hearing, the bail money is not returned, and a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest.
– The judge has 3 options for posting bail, and they are the following:
• Money Payment. This is the most common means of posting bail. Depending on the severity of the crime and the flight risks involved determines the bail amount set by the judge. The defendant or a friend or family member can pay for the bail charges.
• Signature Bond. An alternative approach to a type of bond release is a signature bond. The signature bond is a signed contract that the defendant will appear at the appropriate court date. In some states, a judge is also permitted to assess a fee with the signature bond.
• Property Bond. Property deeds can be placed in lieu of money bonds or a signature bond, which is used as collateral to ensure the defendant, will be in court on the date of their hearing.
– When you get in touch with Ajua Bail Bonds, helpful information will be full name, date of birth, date and where arrest was made and what jail they are being held in. There are quite a few questions many people have regarding posting bail for a friend or family member, and we are eager to help put you at ease and are eager to answer all your questions to understand the proves and what to expect.
– If you post bail, keep in mind you are contracting that you will be responsible for his actions. If skips out on his court appearance, not only will the funds you posted will be forfeited, you may find yourself responsible for the fees and costs for bounty hunters to apprehend them.

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People can be influenced do to some things out of character when suffering from stressful encounters with the law. If you post bail for someone, try to keep them calm, help them find a lawyer and guide them through the process with support and aid. We at Ajua Bail Bonds are fast and efficient at posting bail. We have the experience and expertise to help you not only achieve getting you or a loved one out of jail, but can also help you better understand the process should you have any questions. Call us now if you need to post bail.

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