How Does Impulsivity Relate to Crime in Colinga, CA? Bail for Crimes of Passion & More

Impulse crimes are committed on the spur of the moment and are usually unplanned events. Shop lifting can be one such crime. A shop lifting is larceny and usually a misdemeanor they are generally handled by issuance of a citation in many jurisdictions. If unable to identify the suspect incarceration is usually indicated to roll prints and photograph the subject. In these cases bail bondsman is usually a good resource to get release, that is if the court sets bond, many are released on their own recognizance.

How Does Impulsivity Relate to Crime?

Many impulse crimes are related to traffic enforcement, “I thought I could get away”, thinking resulting reckless and under the influence charges and incarceration. Operating under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol tend to get many in trouble with the authorities. Coordination is impaired but so affects higher cognizance and decision making by interfering with the brain’s internal communication pathways, generally making a bad situation worse. Generally DUI is an impulse decision made under an impaired thinking process. Voluntary intoxication is not a defense in the commission of a crime. After recovery while incarcerated the subject will attend a bail hearing, and bail is set. DUI, whether alcohol or drugs is the leading cause of death in traffic accidents, and generally the court sets bail if no accident or injury is involved. Accident, injury or death connected to the DUI will raise the bond amount.

Crimes of Passion

Crimes of passion run the gamut from domestic violence to homicide. A note here is that homicide is the killing of a person by another person, either justifiable (self defense or non-negligent accident) or unjustifiable. Murder is the killing of another with malice aforethought with intent. Manslaughter is killing of another without malice aforethought or otherwise not amounting to murder, generally by negligence or while committing another offense, like DUI. In many cases the resultant bail can be rather high and demands the participation of a bail bondsman.

Conspiracy; Planned Crimes

Planned offenses are burglary, robbery and drug trafficking. There is an element of planned participation in the criminal act. These cases involve behavior like casing the area and potential targeting or reconnoitering a neighborhood, bank or bar. Multiple offenders are sometimes involved. In drug dealing, a location is picked and a watch established to detect police or rival activity. Terrorism is usually very well planned. Perhaps situations involving drive-by shootings or murder is involved. Serial crimes usually planned events. Many of these crimes result in either high bail or no-bail. Most of these crimes are violent, with the exception of burglary and carry high price tags when considering bail.

Factors Used to Set Bail Amount

Criminal activities cover a broad range of activities and the nature and severity of the crime committed and threat to public safety plus the perceived flight risk all determine the bail amount. Collateral is needed to cover bonds, as bonds are debt instruments. Private property like cars, trucks, RV trailers or motor homes are considered depending on how much equity they represent. Real property like homes or property is high on the collateral list and can belong to the suspect or other persons willing to place their property at risk. Ten percent of the bail has to be collect in cash or negotiable instruments before bonds are issued. This constitutes the bondsman’s fee and costs of bond issued by an insurance company.

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Bail bonds allow for release pending a hearing or trial. They help relieve congestion in detention facilities and allow for those who are not criminals to resume their normal lives pending trial. The costs to house a prisoner paid by the tax payer can up to $290.00 a day, higher than most sentences and fines for misdemeanors. When you want or need to get out of jail fast, call Ajua Bail Bonds!

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