Can You Go to Jail for Counting Cards in Avenal, CA? Casino Trespassing & More

Are you looking to make some easy money? If so, you may consider hitting the casinos and trying your luck at some card games. When playing cards, you may want to give yourself the edge and count cards. Where counting cards is considered to be a “legal activity” you cannot be arrested for counting cards. Counting cards will not result in an arrest or be counted as an offense. However, you are not completely immune to an arrest or charges being filed against you. To see how counting cards can lead to an arrest, Ajua Bail Bonds will share how you can find yourself arrested and where you can seek help.

Casino Trespassing Charge

Where you cannot be arrested for counting cards, if a casino catches you or suspects that you are counting cards, or basically cheating the tables, they can ban you from the casino and or property. Casinos are private properties and guests or patrons must follow the house rules. House rules includes not counting cards. Casinos utilizes high tech camera systems to look for various forms of cheating, including counting cards. Often, if a person is caught counting cards, they will be asked to leave the table and be given a warning. In some cases you will be asked to leave the casino completely. Failure to leave the casino or if you return to the casino, you could be arrested for trespassing and will be charged with trespassing.

Are Card Counting Machines Illegal?

Where it is not illegal to count cards in your head, there are recognized laws about using electronic devices to count cards. The use of electrical devices or machines is considered cheating and is considered an unnatural advantage where you can be arrested. If you bring in an electrical device with the intent to cheat or count cards, you can be arrested and charged.

Cheating By Altering the Outcome

Where counting cards in your mind may be an intellectual method of cheating, it doesn’t alter or change the outcome of the game. Counting cards mentally simply gives you the edge of when to bet. However, if you are caught cheating by holding onto cards, intentional switching of cards or the like, this is an arrestable offense. By changing the outcome of the game you will be arrested and charged by the casino.

Disorderly Conduct

Even if a casino suspects you of cheating and even if they do not have any proof, they can still request that you leave. Basically, a casino has the right to ask a person to leave the property for no reason at all. If you refuse to leave and begin to become rude, belligerent, or even aggressive, you can be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

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