How Does Posting a Bail Bond Work to Get Out of Jail Fast in Huron, CA?

It is never easy when a loved one gets arrested. You may not know what to do or how to proceed. Your first thought is to post bail and get said loved one out of jail. However if you never had to deal with this kind of process before, it can be a little overwhelming and confusing. Ajua Bail Bonds wants you to be aware of three basic things you should know when posting bail to get someone or even yourself out of jail.

Types of Bail

There are four different Bail types. You may find one will benefit you more than another.
Personal Recognizance – a term you will also hear as PR bail. This is a way for your loved one or now the defendants to be released from jail without having to pay the courts. The defendant will instead sign a contract agreeing to show up to all court appearances. They agree to follow any conditions of bail that was ordered by the court.
Cash Bond – one of the fastest and also the cheapest way to get out of jail after you or a loved one has been arrested. You, the defendant, or someone acting on behalf of the defendant will be required to pay the full amount of bail. However the bulk of the cash bond will be returned as long as the defendant follows the conditions of the bail. Some of the local courts throughout the state of California also accept credit cards, checks, as well as cash and cashier’s checks.
Surety Bond – the most common bail bond type used. A contract with a bail bond agent, like Ajua Bail Bonds, will guarantee the full amount of the bond in exchange for 10% of the price that is set by the courts. The bail bond company guarantees full payment of the bond to the court in case the defendant doesn’t comply with all bail obligations. If the defendant shows up for all court hearings, the 10% is not returned.
Property Bond – You or the defendant, can pay the cost of the bail by putting up a piece of property. The owner of the property makes a contract with the court and afterward a lien is placed on the property. The owner of the property must have equity that at least is equal to the amount of the bail.

How to Get Bail

A defendant can post bail directly from jail. The rules for what type of payment is accepted vary from court to court. In some courts in California, cash, credit cards and checks are not accepted. However, there usually is a list of nearby businesses that provide money orders or cashier’s checks. These should be accepted throughout the state without problem. A bail bond agent can be called from jail or by a friend or relative on behalf of the defendant. In some cases, the bail procedure can be completed in as little as an hour.

How Cost of Bail is Determined

You need to know the cost of the bail set by the court. There are two things that will determine the cost of bail. One is the amount the bail bond company you choose is allowed to charge in the state in California. 10% is the premium. On top of the 10% premium, there are normally minor charges for court fees and administrative charges.

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Ajua Bail Bonds never wants a client to feel lost and confused when they are under the stress of an arrest. We want you to be aware of all your options and know how to proceed after you or and a loved one finds themselves in jail. Don’t feel financially pressed to stay in jail. Do not miss out on your or your loved one’s work. Bail bonds can help you continue through the misfortune of an arrest.

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