How Do You Identify Casino Employee Theft in Hanford, CA & What is Bail when Arrested?

Theft is nothing new when it comes to casinos. There is so much cash flowing throughout the place, it is bound to happen. Theft is one of the top casino crimes that land people in jail. Unfortunately, theft isn’t only committed by those there gambling. There are employees that work in casinos that are often busted for theft as well. The last thing a casino wants is to have employees that are stealing from them. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about some of the signs that can indicate that a casino employee is stealing from the casino.

Red Flags of Internal Casino Employee Theft

As a casino owner, you should be watching for signs of employee theft at your establishment. Here are some of the most common signs of casino employee theft to watch for:
– Territorial Behavior: When you have an employee that is running some sort of operation in your casino, they are going to give you push back if you try and move them to a different assignment within the casino. If you have an employee that is acting territorial, it is a cause for concern.
– Financial Struggles: If you have an employee that is constantly talking about their financial struggles, this can be a sign of theft as well. The reason being that the leading reason that casino employees steal is out of desperation.
– Getting too Close to Customers: A lot of the time, theft that is being committed by an employee will involve patrons of the casino as well. Employees might work with vendors as well to cook up a way to make a little money on the side by fudging paperwork too. If you notice that your employees are getting a little too buddy-buddy with vendors or patrons, you should question it.
– Refusal to Train & Work with Others: If you have an employee that argues or flat out refuses to work with others or train new employees, it could be due to whatever scheme they are working on. Bringing another employee into the mix might expose whatever operation they have working for them.
– Turning Down Vacation Time: An employee that has a theft operation on the side that is working well, they aren’t going to want to take any time off as this might interfere with their plans. Having other employees taking care of their responsibilities could expose their entire operation. Most employees that are scamming the system won’t be wanting to take any time off.

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