How Does the Bail Bond Process Work in Atwater, CA? Book & Release Jail Procedures, Difference Between Parole & Probation & More!

Bail bonds allow an individual who has been charged with a crime to be released while their court case is pending. This temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial is done with the condition that a sum of money that is agreed upon will be paid should they not appear in court. The bail bond company agrees to pay the amount of money if the criminal doesn’t show up making the bail bond similar to an insurance policy. There are also non-monetary conditions attached.

Who Determines Book & Release Jail Procedures?

A judge will determine under what conditions a person will be released from jail. When the judicial official is determining the conditions of release, they take into account the charges, evidence, family ties, employment, finances, character, mental condition, substance use, how long they have been in the community, prior convictions, and anything else that would danger others. The official will also tell the defendant of any penalties, including immediate arrest upon any violation.

What is the Difference Between Parole & Probation?

Parole and probation are similar in many ways. They each involve the supervision of someone who has been convicted of a crime. The defendant will have to meet with a parole agent when serving a period of supervised release. Probation can itself be the sentence for a crime, or it can be ordered to begin after the defendant has served a period of time in a country jail. Sentencing judges impose probation. Both parole and probation will have conditions attached. Violators of these conditions will have a revocation hearing, and if they lose, they can end up back in prison or in jail.

Definition of Released from Jail on Your Own Recognizance

The defendant may be released without bond on his or her promise to appear in court. This is called being released on his or her own recognizance (ROR). This is a written promise signed by the defendant promising that they will show up for future court appearances and not be involved in any illegal activity while out on an ROR. Some conditions may include restrictions on employment and living arrangements, and might specify rehabilitation programs the offender needs to attend. The defendant may be placed in the custody of organization that agrees to supervise them until the court date. The defendant may be placed under house arrest with electronic monitoring.

Additional Conditions of Jail Release

The defendant must submit to mandatory DNA samples, fingerprints and to random searches of their person and home. These searches need to be supported by probable cause. They will need to obtain permission to travel. There will be restrictions on international travel, and possibly interstate travel as well. They will need to refrain from alcohol and drug use (and sale) and avoid certain people, such as victims, gang members, witnesses, and co-defendants. All laws must be obeyed. If a law is broken, even if not convicted for it, it’s a violation of the conditions of the release.

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