How to Be a Good Defendant in Court After Posting Bail in Merced, CA; Arrive Early, Appropriate Courtroom Attire, Polite Demeanor & More

After getting arrested whether for something big or small, Ajua Bail Bonds posted your bail, and you had the opportunity to get your personal affairs in order, and prepare your defense. But for first time offenders, knowing the etiquette to make a positive impression can be confusing.

Ajua Bail Bonds offer some advice on the proper etiquette when you, the defendant, are in court.

Arrive to Court Early. It is in your best interest to show up to court 30 minutes before you are scheduled to see the judge. Avoid arriving in flashy and suspicious looking vehicles, or coming to court with inappropriate acquaintances that might arouse curiosity with prosecutors and deputies. Arriving early will not only ensure you are never late, but it will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the surroundings, and confer with your attorney on any questions either of you may have. The courtroom door will be locked, but sitting quietly and respectfully until the courtroom is unlocked is acceptable. The bailiff will escort you in the courtroom and instruct you on further protocols. Be respectful and compliant. If you get there before your attorney, be reverent and patient until he or she arrives. Judges takes note on defendant’s attitude before, during, and after courtroom proceedings.
Courtroom Attire. You only get one time to make a first impression. Come to your court appearance well dressed. Invest in a suit if you don’t already have one or something you would wear to church, an interview, or a funeral. Whether you are male or female you want to be the best dressed in the court. It will annoy prosecutors and make a lasting impression on the judge and jury if one is present. Hair, facial hair, and nails should all be nicely well groomed. Ladies wearing makeup should do so in a classy manner.
Attitude & Demeanor. Your attitude speaks more than words. Showing a respectful reverence to the court, judge, persecutors, and your attorney is essential. Be polite when answering any question asked of you. Address the judge, attorneys, and deputies as “sir and ma’am”. Though the judge is referred to as “your honor” judges interpret that as lawyers prepping their client when the defendant does it. Be respectful and thoughtful and the judge will be more likely to accept the polite undertones.
Prosecutor is Not Your Friend. When the prosecutor tries to talk with you in between court proceedings he/she is more than likely trying to probe you. Ignore them at all costs; they are not your buddy. If they do try to talk to you, which is unethical, don’t say a word, or say “speak to my attorney”.
Do Not Let Your Emotions Guide You. During the court proceedings, witnesses may be called for and against you. It is important you keep a poker face. Judges and jury members pick up on face expressions and body language. Poker face is key.
After Your Day at Court. After court is over for the day, it is natural to have questions for your attorney. Whether you need to converse with your attorney, family or friends, wait until you are out of the courtroom. Another trial is coming in after yours, and continuing to show respect for the court is important. Move your counsel out of the court and do your business in a quiet unpublicized place as you never know who is in earshot.

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We at Ajua Bail Bonds hope this helps you prepare for your court appearances. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We include emergency bail bond services and have the experience and expertise you need to get out of jail quickly and efficiently.

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