How Much is a Bail Bond in Clovis, CA? Bail Amount is Determined By Criminal History, Crime & More

Being arrested is not something that anyone wants to have to go through. The problem is that you could have a lapse in judgment and end up being locked up. Going to jail is not pleasant and it is not intended to be. Jail is a way to keep criminals off the streets and to teach them that they shouldn’t want to come back. This might be what saves someone from repeating the same mistake or crime again at some point. There are crimes that are committed each and every day that can end someone up in jail. Most people have enough sense to know what is legal and what is not and try their best to stay on the right side of the law. That does not mean there will not be a slip up. When you are arrested for any reason you should know what might happen. The first thing most people want to know is when they are getting out. This is where bail comes into play and lots of people have questions about what it costs. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines how much your bail is going to cost you after you are arrested.

Why Would Bail Be Denied?

One of the things you need to understand is there are times that bail is not going to be approved. The bail you are given is based on a set of criteria and that the judge will use. The bail hearing that you will have usually in a couple of days. The hearing is set based on the openings that the court has. The problem is that there are lots of events that you could have been involved in that will require you to be in jail unit you have a trial. This means that you are not approved for bail at all and there is no amount that is set. The crime usually means that the person is a danger to the community or even to itself. If you are arrested for a violent crime you might be stuck waiting in jail.

Criminal History Helps Determine Bail Amount

Another thing that the judge is going to take into account is the criminal history of the person that has been arrested. The amount of times and the nature of the crimes that have been committed will be taken into account. The amount and frequency of the crimes that you have been committing will give the judge an idea on your character.

Bail Amounts By Crime

There are some crimes that mean that the bail is not going to be set and there is not an amount that you can pay. That does not mean that all crimes will mean that no bail is set. The majority of arrests will be looked at and given a bail amount. The nature of the crime will have weight to the amount that is set. That is why there is no way to know the amount of bail that might be needed until you see a judge.

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