How to Prevent Domestic Violence Charges & Needing a Bail Bond in Wineland, CA

Getting arrested is never a picnic, but getting arrested for allowing your temper to get the better of you and putting your hands on someone you care about can be a devastating feeling. With Ajua Bail Bonds help you get out of jail quickly by posting your bail bond, you can take the steps needed to get your life back in order. However, avoiding getting law enforcement and the courts involved in domestic disputes is always optimal. We at Ajua Bail Bond have compiled a few tips and some advice on how you can help the people you care about avoid domestic violence and if you are prone to it, take some these tips and apply it where you can.

How to Stop Domestic Violence Before it Starts

1) Respect personal space. This applies to everyone, especially when debates get heated. A natural reaction for many is to allow their emotions and anxiety to rise when arguments arise. When a person’s personal space is encroached on, people get more defensive and on edge. Fight or flight syndrome kicks in when people feel threatened, particularly when they are anxious. The person prone to violence is likely to respond to fight instead of flight. To avoid the fight, keep arms length distance away. Simply by staying out of the personal space can help push those individuals over the edge and if they should strike, you have more response to avoid contact.
2) Talk slowly and relaxed. In the event that you need to approach someone that is already upset and prone to attack, use slow movements and calm voices to let them know as to why you are coming into their personal space. The most likely reason is to give them medical attention, but even if you are trying to calm them down, yelling and shouting doesn’t help. If they are not showing signs of coming down, wait it out to avoid provoking them into swinging their fists.
3) Over emphasize body language. The body language is an important detail that can sway the outcome. Interpreted often as a challenge is direct eye contact and toe to toe positioning, avoid these details when trying to calm someone down. If an agitated an anxious individual erupts a temper, simply standing in non-aggressive pose can help significantly.
4) Offer support and listen. Instead of passing judgment, try to be more empathetic. Avoid any provoking tones or words when communicating to a person that is easily angered and short tempered. In times when you do not necessarily agree with them, it is important to supportive and understanding to their point of view.
5) To challenging questions, react indifferently. Keep your voice calm and try to change the subject when the fueled questions are thrown at you. Ignoring them or redirecting them hinders violence in a lot of situations.
6) Let them vent. No one wants to listen to the shouting and yelling, but allowing the violent person to let off steam by raising their voice decimals is a better alternative than letting the abusive nature arise. Living in a time where stress, anger, resentment, and anxiety are fairly common still requires people to have an outlet. Some people know how to manage these negative emotions where others have a tendency to let these shortcomings get the better of them and it erupts into violence. Instead of pushing them down that road, let them yell to get it out of their system.

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If you or a loved one makes poor judgment and a situation results in being arrested for domestic abuse, call in the professionals of Ajua Bail Bonds. We can help you get out of jail quickly to get your legal obligations resolved, seek penance, and give you the opportunity to get counseling to avoid further violent outbursts.

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