Tips While You are in Jail Waiting for Bail in Porterville, CA; Phone Call Etiquette & More

If you are picked up for any kind of crime that requires you to be processed at the jail you are going to go through the system. That is also going to mean that you will be in the jail and depending on the crime and the jails processing it can be days and even weeks before you are able to post bail. The reason is not just the jail itself but the court system as well. The jail cannot offer you a bail amount so they have to set you up to see a judge. The judge is the one who will decide what bail amount is required and what limitations you have with your bail. Once the bail is set you can use a bail bond company to work with you or a loved one that is going to sign for your bail. The time in between getting arrested and getting bailed out can be a difficult time and very nerve racking. There are some things that you want to do and some things you should stay away from while waiting in jail. Ajua Bail Bonds offers some helpful tips on what not to do when waiting in jail for bail.

Know Some Important Phone Numbers

With the day and age we are in there is no need to remember someone’s phone number. You just open your cell phone and touch the name of the person you want to call and there you have it. There are some people that only can recall their own number and use their phone as their address book when contacting another person or business. You can also use the internet on your phone to look up an attorney, business or pizza delivery. When you re sent to jail and they give you the phone to make a call who are you going to call? No one thinks they are going to be arrested and no one is planning on it. A great thing for anyone to do is to memorize the number to a relative that you know no matter what happens they are willing to help you out. Even if is to transfer information to another family member or friend. You can take time when you get arrested to memorize the bail bond company’s number and your legal counsel as well.

Don’t Incriminate Yourself on Phone Calls

When you are in jail you will have access to a phone. The jail records all phone calls that are going out of the jail and they can use them against you. When you make any phone calls make sure that you give only particular information about your case such as when you were arrested. You can say what crime they are accusing you of and who is going to help bail you out of jail. You may feel urgency in talking about the specifics on your case but it is best to wait until you are released to go over the details with your attorney.

Don’t Talk to Inmates About Your Arrest

The jail is full of people that are being accused of a crime or they are found guilty of a crime. The inmates can be good people that made a bad decision but you should keep information around your own case to yourself. You cannot be sure if an inmate will tell what you said to help their own case.

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