What are the Appropriate Etiquette in a Court of Law in Tulare, CA? Early Arrival & More

To better aid our customers, Ajua Bail Bonds has compiled a list of courtroom etiquette when it comes time for you to see the judge during your trial process. If you have any questions, always feel free to call our offices, and our friendly staff will answer them to the best of our ability and expertise.

Does & Don’ts in Court

1. Early Arrival. It is highly recommended that you arrive 30 minutes before arrival time. Do not park illegally, and avoid arriving with the scrupulous characters that might arouse attention out of prosecutors and courtroom deputies. Showing up late disrespects the court, the judge, and everyone else present and will make a negative impression. When you enter the courtroom sit in your designated area, where the bailiff directs you to go, and wait patiently with excellent posture, as judges take not of that.
2. Dress appropriately. You do not want to arrive in court dressed unsophisticated. Dress as you would church, a funeral, or a CEO position. Dressing with class and dignity shows respect for the court and yourself and makes a lasting impression. Be well groomed, hair is clean and cut, nails appropriate, and for men keep beard well trimmed or shaved.
3. Respectful attitude. No one wants to have to go through the court process, guilty or not, but coming into the court with despicable attitude, with rude remarks, body language is displaying idiocy and jerk-like demeanor, and your demeanor and behavior reflects that a of a fool, you will be treated as such, and more than likely add more kindle to the judge and prosecutor.
4. Avoid the prosecutor. The prosecutor is working against you. If they try to buddy up to you, it’s a ruse. Simply state if they have any questions to talk to your attorney in a respectful tone, or say nothing. They are looking for ammunition against you, not be your friend despite their friendly tactic.
5. Addressing the court. When your case is pulled, you are to stand before the judge with exceptional posture, and speak softly, as in loud enough to be heard, but without showing attitude, or boisterous volumes. Only do so if your attorney instructs you to, otherwise, let your attorney do the talking, if you need to relate to them answers use a distinct whisper.
6. Keep emotions under control. A poker face is important during your trial. Getting upset, cocky, or any display of emotions can be interpreted wrong, by the judge, jury, or prosecutor, even when witnesses are speaking against you truthfully or not, keep your emotions under control.
7. Exiting the court. When it comes time for you to leave the courtroom, be sure to exit the room with the same respect and class as you came into. Do not linger as there is more than likely another case after yours. Avoid contact with your attorney in the open, as walls have ears. If you need to talk find a private corner.

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We hope this helps you understand the courtroom etiquette. If you have any questions please feel free to ask Ajua Bail Bonds.

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