What is a Jail Warrant Walk Through Bail Bond & How Long Does it Take in Visalia, CA?

An unpleasant feeling is having a warrant out for your arrest. There is a constant worry that you may get tracked down and arrested. Whether the arrest might happen in a public setting in front of friends, at a routine traffic stop where your vehicle also gets impounded, or even likened to that of an action movie where the boys in blue bear down on you in front of your family at home or at work in front of all of your colleagues. A warrant walk through might be the better solution if your offense is minor such as not appearing in traffic court, unpaid traffic tickets, or other things of that nature. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds like to explain a warrant walk through for a better understanding.

What is a Walk Through Bond?

A warrant walk through is a court arrangement through a preapproved bail bondsman that books and processing you after turning yourself in by warrant. Even though you were documented as being arrested, this option can prevent spending time in jail. An official arrest needs to be made when an offense, like a felony or a Class A or B misdemeanor has been made, making the arrest necessary to resolve the case as it is lawful to perform an arrest to satisfy the arrest warrant. It is more time efficient for the courts for everyone involved to utilize the warrant walk through when there is an outstanding arrest warrant. Turning yourself in gets you without the jail time as you go through the process of a warrant walk through also helps you tremendously in your case, even in small menial cases, often resulting in a dismissal.

How Long Does a Walk Through Procedure Take?

The procedure of a warrant walk through is fairly simple. You will be accompanied to the jail to begin the procedure with a representative from a bail bond company. After an officer confirms the warrant issued from their database, they officially put you into custody. The process continues as the officer will ask you basic questions regarding your person information, takes your booking photo and fingerprinting. The officer will then confirm warrants and accept the bail bond and lift the warrant out of the system following the “booking” steps. You are given a copy of your bond that has your court date printed on it. Typically, those with the warrant walk through are given priority for your release, although depending on the jail, you may then have to go to a processing section of the jail to complete the release paper work. When you decide to go through the steps of a warrant walk through, you will want to avoid bringing personal property with you and only have a form of ID with you such as a government issue ID such as passport or driver’s license. The reasons being as that all personal effects are confiscated and help until the you are released from the jail, where you then get everything back.

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