What is a Walkthrough Warrant in Fowler, CA? Released on Bail Right Away & More

When it comes to the criminal justice system, one of the most misunderstood aspects is that of bail bonds. Even more confusing for many is the process known as a “warrant walk through.” This process, while foreign to many, is an important service offered by most bail bond companies. Its purpose is to assist individuals who have outstanding warrants for their arrest in resolving these issues in a controlled and less stressful way. Today, Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share the purpose and process of a warrant walk through and how it can help with a warrant that is out for your arrest.

What is a Warrant Walk-Through?

A warrant walk through is a process that allows a person with an outstanding arrest warrant to get arrested and released on bail almost simultaneously. It is a service offered by bail bond companies to help individuals avoid the unpleasant experience of an unexpected arrest, which can happen at home, at work, or even during a routine traffic stop.

Purpose of a Warrant Walkthrough

The primary purpose of a warrant walk through is to allow individuals to handle their outstanding warrants on their own. Instead of living in constant fear of getting arrested, a person can work with a bail bond company to turn themselves in to law enforcement and immediately post bail, which will reduce and even avoid their time in custody. Some of the key purpose behind a warrant walk through are:
• Minimizes Embarrassment and Inconvenience: An unexpected arrest can be embarrassing and disruptive. A warrant walk through allows individuals to avoid public arrest and the potential for job loss or negatively affects your family or friends.
• Reduces Jail Time: With a warrant walk through, the bail bond has already been arranged, which will reduce the amount of time an individual spends in jail. In many cases, the individual can be released within a few hours after being booked.
• Avoids Complications: An outstanding warrant can lead to many complications, such as additional charges if one is pulled over for a traffic violation. A warrant walk through can help individuals avoid these complications by addressing the warrant directly.

Walkthrough Warrant Process

• Step 1: Consultation: If you know you have a warrant for your arrest, contact a bail bond company and arrange for a consultation. During this meeting, the bail bond agent will gather information about your outstanding warrant, including the charges and bail amount.
• Step 2: Paperwork: You and your bail bond agent will complete the necessary paperwork for your bail bond. This usually includes a contract outlining the terms of the bond, such as the payment plan and the individual’s agreement to appear at all required court dates.
• Step 3: Turning Self In: Accompanied by your bail bond agent, you will then turn yourselves in to law enforcement. Your bail bond agent helps ensure that the process goes smoothly.
• Step 4: Posting Bail: Your bail bond agent posts bail on your behalf. Once the bail is posted, you will be released from custody.
• Step 5: Court Appearance: After being released, you must attend all required court dates. If you fail to appear in court, you may be arrested again, and the bail bond company may seek repayment of the full bail amount.

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Having a warrant out for your arrest can be stressful. If you have a warrant out for your arrest a bail bond agent can help you get bail right away. For warrant walk through services, contact Ajua Bail Bonds today.

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