What Happens when You have a Warrant in Fresno, CA? Walk Through & More

It may be daunting to find out you have a warrant out for your arrest. You may be considering what you might’ve done or you may even know but may still be surprised to find that at any given time an officer can come out and arrest you. An unexpected arrest is something everyone wants to avoid. Being arrested in front of friends or family at work, at church, or at home may raise many questions by those who witnessed that moment. So you may be wondering what to do once you have discovered there is a warrant out for your arrest. Allow Ajua Bail Bonds to tell you about the Warrant Walk Through.

What as a Warrant Walk Through?

Many have asked what is a “Warrant Walk Through” and how can it help me? Well when you have discovered you have a warrant out for you arrest the next proper course of action is to contact a bail bondsman to set up a warrant walk through. At that point the bondsman will process your warrant and you will turn yourself over willing to the courts. For minor offenses those who turn themselves in under a warrant walk through usually don’t have any jail time whatsoever. For the more serious offenses it is still better to turn yourself in. This shows your willingness to cooperate with the courts and the justice system. Your bondsman can very often still arrange a bail bond where you don’t have to spend time in jail. You also can contact the courts to find out why the warrant was issued if you do not know; it may just be some unpaid misdemeanors. If that is the case you can arrange a court date to settle your debt, and avoid jail time altogether.

Why You Should Arrange a Warrant Walk Through

In most cases you just simply can’t arrive at the court house and settle your warrant in front of the judge. You must take care of your warrant before you request a court date. Now a warrant isn’t a scary thing which means your life is over. A warrant is simply a request or demand that you show up at court and settle your debts or offenses. A warrant gives police officers the authority to arrest you. With the assistance of a bail bond agent or bondsmen, they will help you deal with the warrant without jail time. They will also arrange a court date. Without their assistance you may find yourself spending time in jail while you await your court date. It is strongly recommended that you contact a bondsman and begin your paperwork and go through the process to have your warrant suspended.

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If you or a loved one has a warrant out for their arrest, act now. It will save you time and avoid the embarrassing situation of being arrested in front of your friends, family, and co-workers. We here at Ajua Bail Bonds can help you with a Warrant Walk Through services, If you need any more information or have any more question on how to deal with your warrant, call us. We are here for you.

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