Why Do People Post Bail in Clovis, CA? Alleviates Jail Overcrowding & More

Sometimes justice can best be served without incarceration of an individual accused of a criminal act. Take the single mother, who is now coping with a single income and her children are need of expensive formula and diapers. In desperation, the mother succumbs to temptation and commits embezzlement. Yes she committed a crime, but is justice served by her incarceration? Bail or release on their own recognizance would better serve society and justice. They still have to serve their sentence if convicted, but not clog up overcrowded jails. These individuals are seldom hard core criminals.

Should Non Violent Criminals Be Released on Bail?

Many misdemeanor infractions are used by law enforcement to defuse aggression or protect the public turmoil and confusion. Crimes like public nuisance, drunk in public, disturbing the peace are all statues designed to curtail activities that may degenerate into confrontation and violence. This is a hazard to the public and places the aggressor at risk that is emotionally or chemically compromised. When emotions are defused and chemicals are metabolized by the body the transgressor returns to a state of normality the need for incarceration passes. Chemicals include both drugs and alcohol. So far many of those booked in jail the stay is a mere formality or very temporary. Some groups consider that some of these statues are only used to harass, but they were created with the public welfare in mind. These individuals do not belong in long term detention in crowded facilities. Paper crimes, including fraud, computer crimes and other non-violent crimes the person should be required to post bail and be released. DUI without accidents can be released via bail. However, the courts need to act with caution if accidents accompany the DUI and there are either major injuries or it results in a death. The bail in this case would probably be rather high.

Bail Alleviates Jail Overcrowding

Violent crimes including robbery and battery with a weapon constitute a clear and present danger to the community’s citizens. But the courts have to weigh possible community danger and the circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime against the prevalent conditions encountered in overcrowded detention facilities. Bail alleviates over crowded cells and reduces expenses associated with the care of the incarcerated. However the bail considered is a result of pondering potential distress and danger to the public if the accused is released on bail.

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The fact is that if the person “runs” he will eventually be recaptured and returned for court. Bail was instituted to ensure that the person returns for a court appearance. If the amount is too high, the alleged perpetrator needs to contact bail bondsman to issue a bond to cover the bail. If the accused does not show bail is forfeited. The bondsman then contacts a bail recovery agent or better known as a bounty hunter to return the fugitive so that the bail bondsman will have to forfeit the full bond amount. Bondsmen provide a service that helps reduce jail overcrowding, while providing means to handle those misdemeanant or non-violent person a measure of freedom in conducting their personal lives. In the Central Valley of California, Ajua Bail Bonds provides a bail bond services in connection with arrest warrants, walkthrough warrants and other release options. Contact us when you or a loved one needs to get out of jail fast.

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