Why Would Someone Be Denied a Bail Bond in Fresno, CA; Risk to Public, Accused of Federal or Severe Crime, Parole or Probation Violation, Non-U.S. Citizen & Flight Risk

For most people the first time they are arrested they are wondering when they can bail out and if they should have maybe bailed out of the situation that got them arrested in the first place a lot sooner. Well there’s some good news and bad news. It is estimated that about 95% of people arrested are in fact eligible for bail but what about the other 5%? Well, here comes the bad news. That 5% aren’t always eligible for bail. There are many reasons why someone arrested might not be eligible to be bailed out of that uncomfortable situation they’ve found themselves in. Ajua Bail Bonds talk about the five most common reasons bail may be denied.

Reasons for Refusing Bail – Risk to the Public

The Bail Reform Act of 1984 was created to protect the public from persons who present a danger to themselves or the community. This is taken into consideration by a judge when making the decision to grant or deny bail. This is called pretrial or preventative detention. An offender may be considered dangerous for the following reasons:
• They are repeat offenders.
• They are accused of extremely violent crimes.
• The crimes penalties are life imprisonment or the death penalty.
• Their crime is a drug offense where the penalty will be 10 years or more in prison.
• Other felonies such as failing to register as a sex offender, weapons possession or crimes involving minors.

Bail Denied – Accused of Federal or More Severe Crime

More severe crimes for example, murder, either receive an extremely high bail amount that makes it more difficult for them to make bail or are just denied bail outright. This is because these offenders are more likely to flee or skip out on their court appearance if they are released.

No Bail for Parole or Probation Violations

The judge will have a hard time feeling bad for you if you chose to commit another crime while you were already out on parole or probation. The courts have no sympathy for repeat offenders. Since said defendant misused the freedom they had, the courts won’t feel bad denying them bail and leaving them sitting in jail.

Reason for No Bail; Non-US Citizens

Those defendants who are non-citizens are usually more likely to flee to their home country no matter what they’ve been arrested for. These persons are often denied bail and may also be held by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Flight Risk; Bail Refusal

No, we aren’t talking about people who enjoy running as a pastime. We are talking about “flight risks”. Those who had failed to appear at their appointed court date or dates are considered flight risks and are very likely to be denied bail. Judges don’t like it when you don’t come see them when you’re supposed to so if a defendant has run after posting bail before, the judge is going to make sure you see them this time.

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These are only five of the reasons that some defendants are denied bail. For the roughly 95% who find themselves up the creek with a hole in their boat, call Ajua Bail Bonds to get you out of jail fast!

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